[lldb-dev] gdb-remote command

Todd Fiala tfiala at google.com
Thu Sep 18 08:41:06 PDT 2014

Hey Greg,

When we fire off a '(lldb) gdb-remote host:port' command on lldb Linux,
some bits don't get set up right.  The issue seems to be that the platform
for the gdb-remote target is using what looks like the current default
platform, where Platform::IsHost() returns true.  This screws up some
process-launching setup, notably pty setup (it tries to use local ptys
rather than ignoring that part and going with $O messages).  It might be
causing other issues as well that I just haven't seen given that the target
platform's IsHost() is returning an incorrect value when attached to a
remote system.

I'm in the process of fixing that up for Linux so I can better address pty
setup for local llgs and remote llgs debugging scenarios.  What do you
think is the right approach to addressing that?  Some ideas that come to

* install a remote platform into the Target as part of gdb-remote's command

* modify gdb-remote to take an option for treating as local or remote.  Do
the right thing with PTYs based on that.  Might need to pass extra state
around somewhere for that.

* have the pty check do "something else" to figure out whether the target
is really going to run locally.  Not sure where that state would go.
 Target::GetPlatform()::IsHost() seems like the right place to deal with

I probably have a couple more questions based on your preference here.
 (e.g. if installing a remote-aware Platform instance into the Target,
which one?  Wait for gdb-remote to tell us?  The important bit is that
IsHost() return true in this case.  But - PlatformLinux will try to do the
lldb-platform route which gdb-remote's direct-to-llgs approach is not
using.  Also - technically we won't know what the remote side is until we
get qHostInfo data back).



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