[lldb-dev] Continuation of single stopped SBThread

Mario Zechner badlogicgames at gmail.com
Thu Sep 4 00:54:57 PDT 2014


i'm currently working on a debugger based on the public LLDB API and am
currently looking into multi-threaded debugging. The debugger should
support the following scenario:

- user sets breakpoints
- two or more threads get stopped due to breakpoints
- user wants to continue execution of only one of the threads

SBThread has the methods Suspend/Resume. To my understanding (and tests),
Suspend marks a thread as not to be continued when the entire process is
continued. Which is the oposite of what i'd need for my use case.

I looked into the implementation of the command 'thread continue', but that
uses the private LLDB API, which is sadly not an option for us at this

I'd be greatful for any hints.

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