[lldb-dev] Frame documentation

Jose H jose.francisco.hevia at gmail.com
Sun Nov 30 04:35:15 PST 2014

Just being curious(and not loving the fact of using something without
understanding it, what the last argument of frame.GetVariable does?.

It says:
DynamicValueType use_dynamic

In the c++ documentation it says I could use those values:
eDynamicCanRunTarget, eNoDynamicValues, eDynamicCanRunTarget,

What dynamic value type means?. It means c++ auto or something like a
template value?.

How can someone help improve the lldb documentation, so the same
questions do not need to be answered again. I mean how I could help
complete the documentation with the same answers you have provided but
adding some visuals?

This area needs diagrams and pictures to make it easier to get the big
picture fast.

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