[lldb-dev] Deprecating the SWIG generation shell scripts

Zachary Turner zturner at google.com
Fri Nov 21 14:08:50 PST 2014

Currently there are two parallel sets of scripts for generating SWIG.  One
is a set of python scripts in lldb/scripts, and another is a set of unix
shell scripts also in lldb/scripts.

My understanding of the current state of build systems is:

1) Make/autoconf uses the shell scripts
2) CMake uses shell scripts by default, and python scripts with an option
3) MacOSX build uses shell scripts

On Windows there is no way to run a shell scripts, so the python scripts
are the only option for us.

I would like to propose deprecating the shell scripts, and transitioning
all the builds to the python scripts.  The motivation is so that we do not
have to maintain two different scripts that are ultimately identical, lest
they will slowly diverge which will be bad for everyone.

I've been using the python scripts for SWIG generation on Windows for about
3-4 months now with no issues, so it should be pretty close, if not fully
compatible with the shell scripts.

Leading up to a deprecation, my plan was to first switch the CMake build to
default to using python.  I think Linux is the only platform regularly
using the CMake build, so this would allow us to catch any portability
issues without bringing everyone down.

After a few weeks, then maybe Mac people could update their build script to
call the python script instead of the shell script and see if any issues
arise.  Most of the options are the same, so this should be only a small
amount of work.

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