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Jose H jose.francisco.hevia at gmail.com
Sat Nov 8 04:10:53 PST 2014

I am looking at the emulation work and it looks probably too much work if I
am going to discard it later.

It would be better if I could mess with the command list directly.

Right now I have to create a terminal emulator, so I could send commands,
then those commands are parsed and then the output or errors are written in
text form in the terminal.

How could I get all the possible commands that are possible in lldb and
skip the parsing altogether?.

I mean just telling lldb "execute command 'this' ", 'this' being a
callback, not a text string, and being c++, not python.

If I use a menu or other graphical method to access commands, lldb does not
need to interpret anything. or does it?

Parameters have to be given in a single line of text or I could split it
with strings identifiers like llvm does?

I will be looking at the code to solve this questions...

@J.R.Heisey. Yes, Xspray includes things that I want to add in my debugging.

The problem with xspray is the UI library it uses is called libNUI, that
could not compete against environments like cocoa or Qt and it is very very
poorly documented. Sebastien Metrot used it because he created LibNUI and
understands it.

The UI is also unintentionally obfuscated, using things like function
macros inside function macros inside function macros that make it extremely
difficult to follow with the debugger and understand the code.

Lldb code is much better structured, and in few days looking at the code I
understand it much better that this libNUI thing.
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