[lldb-dev] LLDB Machine Interface Frontend

Deepak Panickal deepak at codeplay.com
Thu May 15 10:17:23 PDT 2014

Hi Abid,

Thank you, I have attached the zipped patch.
You might have to the change the triple in tools/lldb-mi/MICmnConfig.h 
for your target.

Please let me know if you have any comments/suggestions.


On 15/05/2014 17:10, Abid, Hafiz wrote:
> Hi Deepak,
> I can help review/test it when you post the patch.
> Thanks,
> Abid
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>> Hi,
>> We have an MI (Machine Interface) frontend to LLDB which works out of the
>> box with Eclipse, and likely will work with other GUI's based on the GDB/MI
>> interface. It's been tested on Linux and Windows.
>> It's ready to upstream and has been developed as an independent tool
>> residing in the LLDB tools folder. It's based on the LLDB public API without
>> any changes to LLDB internals.
>> The patch is quite large as there are many new files.
>> How should we go about upstreaming? Should I create a diff review as
>> usual?
>> Thanks,
>> Deepak
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