[lldb-dev] gdbremote $? packet - DNB process current thread

Todd Fiala todd.fiala at gmail.com
Thu May 1 16:28:17 PDT 2014

Hey guys,

In debugserver's handling of $?, when the process is in the stopped state
it grabs the concept of the current thread from the Mach process.  What are
the semantics of that "current mach thread"?  Is it initialized to the
first/main thread on start?

I'm looking for the correct analog for lldb-gdbserver.


BTW - current state of linux x86_64 lldb-gdbserver work is here:

I've got gdb remote protocol tests starting to drive proper functionality
of lldb-gdbserver (@lldb_test and @debugserver_test tests).  Plenty still
needs to be implemented but its getting there.  Hope to have this
upstreamed soon when a few more of the rough edges are smoothed out.
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