[lldb-dev] [PATCH] Don't calculate whole file crc for ELF core file.

Piotr Rak piotr.rak at gmail.com
Mon Mar 24 11:10:12 PDT 2014

2014-03-24 18:52 GMT+01:00 Ed Maste <emaste at freebsd.org>:

> On 23 March 2014 14:28, Piotr Rak <piotr.rak at gmail.com> wrote:
> >
> > If I understand correctly the main purpose of UUID's for ObjectFileELF is
> > aiding gnu_debuglink which is used to locate debug info. The other one is
> > related to ModuleSpec and ModuleList where it is used for identification.
> >
> > First in case of modules doesn't make much sense, it won't be correct, or
> > have even possibility to work, while second turns out to be useful,
> anyway.
> gnu_debuglink uses the CRC to confirm that a standalone debug file
> (e.g. library.so.debug) matches the binary or library, and needs to be
> calculated only for those debug files.  In fact, prior to the
> gnu_debuglink support I think ELF files all ended up with an all-0s
> UUID.  I think your change is a reasonable first step.
> -Ed

I was thinking about core files, not modules - no proof reading on my side
- sorry, and of course you're 100% correct here.
We already got gnu_debuglink crc from binary, and calculated value from
core file makes no sense for that purpose.

What I was thinking about is that would be nice to have "core matches
executable" functionality, and I plan to work at it at some point, but it
is other issue...

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