[lldb-dev] [patch] Enable archspec for i686-pc-win32

Greg Clayton gclayton at apple.com
Thu Mar 20 14:39:05 PDT 2014

This patch will work fine after what I cleaned up the areas where people were using cores instead of machines:

 % svn commit
Sending        source/Core/DataExtractor.cpp
Sending        source/Plugins/Platform/FreeBSD/PlatformFreeBSD.cpp
Sending        source/Plugins/Platform/Linux/PlatformLinux.cpp
Sending        source/Plugins/Platform/Windows/PlatformWindows.cpp
Sending        source/Plugins/Process/POSIX/POSIXThread.cpp
Sending        source/Plugins/Process/POSIX/ProcessPOSIX.cpp
Sending        source/Plugins/Process/Utility/RegisterContextFreeBSD_i386.cpp
Sending        source/Plugins/Process/Utility/RegisterContextFreeBSD_x86_64.cpp
Sending        source/Plugins/Process/Utility/RegisterContextLinux_i386.cpp
Sending        source/Plugins/Process/Utility/RegisterContextLinux_x86_64.cpp
Sending        source/Plugins/Process/Utility/RegisterContextPOSIX_x86.cpp
Transmitting file data ...........
Committed revision 204400.

On Mar 20, 2014, at 1:51 PM, Yin Ma <yin at affinic.com> wrote:

> Hi,
> This patch is to enable the build  with i686-pc-win32 triple.
> Now the latest ixxx triple is i486.
> Thanks,
> Yin
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