[lldb-dev] Help on correct setup to build lldb on windows. No host platform architecture?

Yin Ma yin at affinic.com
Tue Mar 18 11:44:30 PDT 2014



I have built lldb.exe on a 64bit Windows 7. Lldb.exe is 32bit PE executable.

The LLVM TARGET TRIPLE is i686-pc-win32.

However, when file any executable, lldb will show this error message

Error: ‘a.exe’ doesn’t contain any ‘host’ platform architectures:


I debugged into LLDB, I found

ArchSpec.cpp SetTriple doesn’t recognize i686-pc-win32 at all.

And if win32 in the triple, Host::GetArchitecture will set not to 

Recognize any x64 executable neither. 


I would like to know if anybody knows how to configure lldb.exe

On windows to solve this issue?






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