[lldb-dev] How to get liblldb.dll for Windows?

Yin Ma yin at affinic.com
Tue Mar 4 07:35:21 PST 2014

Hi Deepak,


Thank you. Where did you upload? 


Actually, I have also managed to build liblldb.dll in

the past several days. However, I haven’t created a good

cmakefile modification for it yet because I have to remove

all source from libAPI to liblldb project manually in Visual

studio because the liblldb has to be linked against object files 

instead of library to export all dllexport marked functions.

I will take a look at yours to get the idea.




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Hi Yin,

I've pushed a patch to build liblldb.dll for Windows.


On 27/02/14 00:54, Yin Ma wrote:



When we build liblldb on mac, we get liblldb.dylib, which is 

Shared library of liblldb. I compile liblldb for windows. I can 

See liblldb project. However, it generates LLDB.LIB, which 

Is a very small file. I am wondering how to get liblldb.dll

Like what we get for mac?






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