[lldb-dev] 32-bit linux IsWatchpointHit assertion failure due to WriteRegister

Matthew Gardiner mg11 at csr.com
Sun Mar 2 22:33:05 PST 2014

Todd Fiala wrote:
> That sounds like you are once again seeing an x86_64 register infos section (using the x86_64 fpu register set) vs. the i386 set IIRC.
> Your host is a 32-bit x86 architecture, right?  (The one where you are running lldb?)
> If you do a svn status or git status, can you double check that you don't have any local changes?  I'll try on a 32-bit host with a clean repo to make sure I didn't have any cruft on my end 
> confusing the results.
Hi Todd,

My RegisterContextLinux_i386.cpp is up to date. I think the offset calcuation was broken by r202428:

$ svn diff --old=RegisterContextLinux_i386.cpp at r202427 --new=RegisterContextLinux_i386.cpp at r202428
Index: RegisterContextLinux_i386.cpp
--- RegisterContextLinux_i386.cpp    (revision 202427)
+++ RegisterContextLinux_i386.cpp    (revision 202428)
@@ -36,14 +36,30 @@

  struct FPR_i386
-    int32_t cwd;
-    int32_t swd;
-    int32_t twd;
-    int32_t fip;
-    int32_t fcs;
-    int32_t foo;
-    int32_t fos;
-    int32_t st_space [20];
+    uint16_t fctrl;         // FPU Control Word (fcw)
+    uint16_t fstat;         // FPU Status Word (fsw)
+    uint16_t ftag;          // FPU Tag Word (ftw)
+    uint16_t fop;           // Last Instruction Opcode (fop)
+    union
+    {
+        struct
+        {
+            uint64_t fip;   // Instruction Pointer
+            uint64_t fdp;   // Data Pointer
+        } x86_64;
+        struct
+        {
+            uint32_t fioff;   // FPU IP Offset (fip)
+            uint32_t fiseg;   // FPU IP Selector (fcs)
+            uint32_t fooff;   // FPU Operand Pointer Offset (foo)
+            uint32_t foseg;   // FPU Operand Pointer Selector (fos)
+        } i386;
+    } ptr;
+    uint32_t mxcsr;         // MXCSR Register State
+    uint32_t mxcsrmask;     // MXCSR Mask
+    MMSReg   stmm[8];       // 8*16 bytes for each FP-reg = 128 bytes
+    XMMReg   xmm[8];        // 8*16 bytes for each XMM-reg = 128 bytes
+    uint32_t padding[56];

  struct UserArea
@@ -69,6 +85,7 @@
  #define DR_SIZE sizeof(UserArea::u_debugreg[0])
  #define DR_OFFSET(reg_index) \
      (LLVM_EXTENSION offsetof(UserArea, u_debugreg[reg_index]))
+#define FPR_SIZE(reg) sizeof(((FPR_i386*)NULL)->reg)

In my eyes it looks the representation of struct user_fpregs_struct within the struct UserArea has been replaced with that of struct user_fpxregs_struct. As the fpregs and fpxregs structs are of 
differing sizes pushes the offsets of the dr registers out.


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