[lldb-dev] What is ThreadPlan used for?

杨勇勇 triple.yang at gmail.com
Sat Jan 4 05:49:09 PST 2014

Hi, all, My ported lldb does not work as expected when I want to continue
current thread.
Following is how I operate:

1. debug session construction is alright.
2. set a breakpoint at main().
3. run target program and it stops at main for the breakpoint.

Then the problem occurs, no matter I execute "step" or "continue", lldb
always sends "vCont;s:xxxx"

I debugged a little and found that plan stack holds at most top a
ThreadPlanStepOverBreakpoint object ever since I resumed from "main" where
a breakpoint is set. And worse, this ThreadPlanStepOverBreakpoint object is
never poped out even it is performed.

I am quite confused about how thread plan works, can someone make an
Thanks in advance!

杨勇勇 (Yang Yong-Yong)
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