[lldb-dev] Everyone: please download, build and test the new iohandler branch

Greg Clayton gclayton at apple.com
Thu Jan 2 14:56:58 PST 2014

svn co https://$USER@llvm.org/svn/llvm-project/lldb/branches/iohandler

The first step is to get it building for your platform as I am sure the Makefiles are out of date.

This branch will soon be merged back into top of tree, but I wanted to give all the major platforms time to submit patches against this to get things working on all systems before any buildbots get broken.

The major benefits include:
- editline is not built into the lldb shared library so all IOHandler objects can use the editline functionality.
- autocomplete now working in the embedded python interpreter
- history now working in the embedded python interpreter
- autocomplete now working for multi-line command entering (like in "breakpoint command add")
- when editing multiple lines you can use the UP and DOWN arrow keys to edit previous lines. This makes multi-line expressions and commands much easier to write and edit. Use ^B and ^N for next/prev history when in multi-line mode.
- curses is now supported with the new IOHandler infrastructure. To try this out, run and hit a breakpoint, and type "gui" on the command line to drop into the curses GUI mode! Lots of stuff isn't hooked up yet, but I am sure the open source community can help fill in some new views and improve existing ones.

So please get this building and test this on your system and let us know what issues you run into.

Greg Clayton

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