[lldb-dev] Current quality/support of lldb on 32-bit Linux systems

Matthew Gardiner mg11 at csr.com
Wed Feb 12 23:40:02 PST 2014

Todd Fiala wrote:
> Hi Matthew,
> I am working on Linux lldb, but currently I am focused on the x86_64 
> build, specifically on Ubuntu LTS systems (so 12.04 right now, until 
> we bump up to the next one).
> My only experience with the 32-bit version on Ubuntu 12.04 x86 was 
> that I could *not* build it using a configure/(g)make Debug+Asserts 
> build as the compiler/linker would run out of memory.  I did get it to 
> make it past several OOM situations, but could never get past 
> liblldb.so linkage using gcc 4.8.2 on a debug build.  When I switched 
> to a release build (optimizations enabled, no debug info in the lldb 
> build), then I could make it through the build process.
Yes, as I'd imagined - Linux 32-bit is currently seeing little action.
> As to the quality question as it pertains to Linux x86_64 (and 
> probably Linux as a whole): I have run into several what I'd call 
> significant bugs where I could not debug development work without 
> first fixing a bug in lldb.  The good news is that these bugs are 
> getting fixed now as my team hits them.
> On a related note: in an effort to increase confidence in the state of 
> the code, we are in the process of gathering some code coverage 
> information for lldb under Linux x86_64 when running the local tests. 
>  This would be a first approximation as to how much work we may need 
> to do to ensure we've got lldb Linux running reasonably reliably. 
>  I'll make an attempt to characterize those results once I have them. 
>  (Right now the gcov/lcov-built lldb is crashing when run, so I need 
> to track that down first).  It is likely that x86 Linux will share 
> similar results as the x86_64 side w/r/t reliability.
> I hope that helps, Matthew.

Yes, thanks for this, Todd. Meanwhile I'm going to attempt to persuade 
my 32-bit build to work correctly. I think the main problem is that the 
register map is wrong, in fact I'm wondering if the 64-bit map is being 
used instead. I'm new to lldb, so I can't make any strong assumptions. 
Anyway, I'll keep digging.

Thanks again,

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