[lldb-dev] just me, or lldb 3.4 is very buggy?

Sylvestre Ledru sylvestre at debian.org
Sat Feb 1 16:20:36 PST 2014

On 31/01/2014 22:37, Jun Koi wrote:
> i tried llvm-3.4 on Ubuntu 13.10-64bit, and have this issue:
> - immediately after lldb shows the prompt (lldb), i entered "b main"
> - then to see the list of breakpoints, i entered "br l". this command
> shows 1 breakpoint (this is expected), but doesnt return to the prompt
> after that.
> i installed lldb-3.5 from llvm.org/apt/ <http://llvm.org/apt/>, and
> this problem was fixed.
> is there any chance to have lldb-3.5 with upcoming Ubuntu 14.04 to
> replace lldb-3.4, which is so buggy that it is unusable even for basic
> usage?
If you provide me a patch, I will apply it to 3.4 for 14.04.
With the plan to have stable release (ie 3.4.1), we could also see the
patch added to this release.


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