[lldb-dev] I'd like to make Windows an officially supported platform for LLDB.

Zachary Turner zturner at google.com
Mon Dec 29 13:55:18 PST 2014

The LLDB homepage has the following to say about platform support:

LLDB is known to work on the following platforms, but ports to new
platforms are welcome:

   - Mac OS X desktop user space debugging for i386 and x86-64
   - iOS simulator debugging on i386
   - iOS device debugging on ARM
   - Linux local user-space debugging for i386 and x86-64
   - FreeBSD local user-space debugging for i386 and x86-64

Windows is not listed here.  I would like to list it.  What level of
functionality needs to be present, and how many tests need to pass before I
can list Windows here?  Can I do it now, with the caveat that it's still
experimental?  I have the test suite running (although many tests failing),
source level debugging with DWARF, breakpoints, stepping, stack traces, etc
all working with basic support, so this seems like a good time to announce
support for Windows.  Obviously many things will not work, but we plan to
support this long term, so it will just be a matter of time.

Along with an update to the supported platforms on the homepage, I plan to
add some specific Windows instructions to the build page related to Python,
required packages that need to be installed, etc.

Additionally, I hope to follow this up with a post to the LLVM blog
announcing experimental support for live debugging on Windows along with a
very high level overview of our future plans.
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