[lldb-dev] Is anyone using the LLDB CMake standalone build?

Chandler Carruth chandlerc at gmail.com
Sun Dec 28 04:47:15 PST 2014

I thought that Zach was on Windows, but I would be surprised as I can't get
it to work with an installed Clang. It errors in the cmake step, unable to
find some cmake module.

Is anyone genuinely trying to support this CMake configuration? It adds
quite a bit of complexity. If so, could they fix this error or suggest how
to fix it on the Clang side? (I help maintain the Clang cmake build, so I'm
happy to enact any reasonable changes needed...)

This came up because I have a change to the LLDB CMake build but am
currently unable to test it in a fully standalone build (IE, w/o a source

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