[lldb-dev] Interrupting process while process is being traced

Mario Zechner badlogicgames at gmail.com
Fri Dec 12 04:13:43 PST 2014


when we interrupt a process (SBProcess::Stop()) while a thread is currently
being traced due to a breakpoint, the process will be halted and the
thread's stop reason will be eStopReasonTrace. Upon resuming the  process,
we get an eStateExited event and LLDB disconnects from the inferior.

This is unlikely to ever pop up when using the LLDB cli client or XCode. We
have to interrupt and resuming the process at a high frequency, which
increases the likelihood of a thread being traced due to a breakpoint or
other reason.

My question boils down to:

What could be the reason for receiving an eStateExited event after resuming
on a eStopReasonTrace stop event?

I'll try to setup a simple C app and a Python script calling into the LLDB
APis that reflects what we do in our code to illustrate and reproduce the

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