[lldb-dev] Frame documentation

Jose H jose.francisco.hevia at gmail.com
Thu Dec 4 16:17:45 PST 2014

Another thing is that I need to access big amounts of memory at the same time.

The intended use of this program is for accessing 5.000, 10.000, a
million elements at the same time, for displaying it in a graph, for
creating a difference graph, or for showing a little image. That kind
of things.

So accessing just one element at a time using a function for each
children element of an array is very inconvenient and inefficient.

So the ideal thing should be to access memory directly but with a
mutex or something for avoiding conflict as the GUI lives on a thread,
the debugger on another and (I suppose) the debugged process in
another one.

What is the best way to access memory of a process directly?

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