[lldb-dev] Frame documentation

Jose H jose.francisco.hevia at gmail.com
Wed Dec 3 02:16:29 PST 2014

Yes, exactly Enrico, this is what I suspected after navigating
manually forever(for a limited time) in Xcode.

But I need a finite data model. I could store a tree of SBDatas and
tell the ViewController how to traverse the nodes in "just in time".
At first it looks like a good solution, but after adding all the types
complexity, handling all the combinations of 8 bit, 16 bit, 32 and 64
types of data and all the integer, signed and unsigned, float... it is
going to be a fairly complex code.

Mixing complex code with already complex lldb an GUI code is not a good idea.

With a finite data model, we just add a viewcontroller for Qt and most
of the code and complexity is common among platforms and can be used
in different OSes, and people don't need to understand cocoa(or the
given GUI) and lldb and objective c and c++ at the same time for
understanding the code as it is modularized.

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