[lldb-dev] Several questions concerning interaction with an IDE

Nikolay Koldunov nikolay.koldunov at oracle.com
Wed Dec 3 01:17:23 PST 2014

Hi guys!

Trying to implement the lldb-mi support for NetBeans I faced several issues:

     1. inability to distinguish GDB and LLDB using --version or using 
the startup message
     2. value for pointers and structures looks strange: 
stack-list-arguments and stack-list-locals return fields with their 
values for the types specified
     3. incomplete -list-features output (for example, thread-info is 
not shown)
     4. I'm unable to find out how to set a terminal for input/output of 
a process being debugged
     5. -var-update is unable to show updates for all registered 
varobjects (it can't handle * as a varobject's name)
     6. quotation for names and paths is unsupported and a user 
therefore becomes unable to debug a binary located in a directory 
containing spaces in its path
     7. exec-run requires sending some command after it to start debugging
     8. var-list-children for a varobject with numchild==0 should return 
empty list instead of the value "[]" (unnecessary quotation breaks our 
MI parser that worked fine with GDB/MI)

Are you going to fix at least some of them?

I will appreciate any help or workaround:)


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