[lldb-dev] Creating a breakpoint on a target with no process

Zachary Turner zturner at google.com
Tue Dec 2 12:45:52 PST 2014

In my effort to get tests working on Windows, I've run across an issue
with test\expression_command\timeout\TestCallWithTimeout.py
:: TestCallWithTimeout.ExprCommandWithTimeoutsTestCase

This test creates a target and immediately puts a breakpoint on it before
attempting to launch the process.  Is this something that is supposed to
work?  BreakpointLocation::ResolveBreakpointSite() contains this line:

    Process *process = m_owner.GetTarget().GetProcessSP().get();
    if (process == NULL)
        return false;

So naturally the breakpoint site cannot be resolved because there is no
process.  The end result of this is that this breakpoint never gets hit and
the test fails.

Presumably this test works on other platforms, so any tips as to where I
should look to track down this bug on Windows?
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