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Chandler Carruth chandlerc at google.com
Thu Aug 21 10:43:42 PDT 2014

On Thu, Aug 21, 2014 at 10:37 AM, Kate Stone <katherine_stone at apple.com>

> That’s not exactly what I was suggesting.  It’s important to recognize
> that there is a substantial body of code already written.  It’s impractical
> to spend time and energy reformatting and renaming everything.  New code
> should fit in with old, but where it’s already inconsistent there’s an
> immediate opportunity to start conforming to LLVM’s established style for
> new contributions.

Yes, I'm not advocating for reformatting or restyling existing code. But
new code is coming in rapidly, and I think if we know what the eventual end
state is, the sooner we switch new code to target that end state the better.

Also, documenting the conventions to be followed within existing code is
clearly good to me.

My comment was *only* relevant to figuring out what the end state should
be: if the *end state* is LLVM's coding standards plus a bunch of small
differences, then I don't think it has gotten the biggest benefit: only
having one standard to remember. Until I can forget about any potential
differences, I still have to code-switch between the projects, and I
suspect LLVM developers will be reluctant to contribute patches to LLDB. I
think the correct end state should be an adamant conformance to LLVM's
coding standards, and working to change them to improve and address the
specific concerns. It is likely that not all of the concerns will be
successfully addressed -- this is an area where compromise is inevitable --
but I don't think any of the issues raised should be "deal breakers". The
value of a single coding standard vastly outstrips the value of any one
specific convention IMO. And I say this precisely because I *despise* many
aspects of LLVM's standards and advocate for them strictly due to the value
of conformity here.

Anyways, my 2-cents from the LLVM side of things.
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