[lldb-dev] ASLR disabled by default - thoughts?

Todd Fiala tfiala at google.com
Thu Aug 14 07:29:44 PDT 2014

Hey all,

Regarding this bug:

We've been discussing the idea of having ASLR disabled by default when
launching processes within lldb.  Currently it looks like the default
behavior is to have it enabled, and require explicitly disabling to get
that behavior for the process.

It seems like it might make more sense to have it disabled by default -
that way code references would likely be static across debugger runs, which
seems to be more what we want when tracking down issues across code runs.

Any thoughts on this?

The counterargument I could make for changing it would be (aside from
legacy compatibility issues perhaps on the MacOSX/iOS side) - taking the
exe out of its native state on the OS.  If a bug is ASLR sensitive, the
user might miss it.  And so behavior in the debugger could differ from the
exe in its native state.  Not sure how relevant that is for the majority of
usages, though.

I'll be fixing the fact that Linux is ignoring this altogether.  But while
I'm in there, I could flip the default if we wanted to do it.  If not
globally, we'd probably pursue defaulting it on Linux (and Ed seems to like
it for FreeBSD as well, so maybe for not Apple in that case?)
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