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Mon Aug 11 14:36:29 PDT 2014

>From a quick survey it seems as if most of the uses of LLDB_DISABLE_POSIX are for turning off POSIX specific features, not turning on Windows specific ones.  LLDB_DISABLE_POSIX seems more appropriate for this that !_WIN32 or whatever.  For instance, if we wanted to port lldb to OpenVMS, we could just keep the defines as they were and add LLDB_DISABLE_POSIX to the OpenVMS makefile (though I'm sure it has a POSIX layer of some level of fidelity, but using that or the native VMS calls would be up to the person who was doing the port...)  

It does seem like we are using POSIX to mean UNIX, so that some UNIX'es that aren't fully POSIX compliant succeed the checks, and then need #ifdef FREEBSD or whatever.  Not sure it's worth cleaning this up, however.


> On Aug 8, 2014, at 5:43 PM, Zachary Turner <zturner at google.com> wrote:
> Frequently I see checks against LLDB_DISABLE_POSIX, and other times i see specific OS checks.  It seems to me like #if LLDB_DISABLE_POSIX is equivalent to #if defined(_WIN32).  If this is correct, any objection to me marking LLDB_DISABLE_POSIX as deprecated and slowly changing conditionals over to #if defined(_WIN32) instead?   It's easier for me to reason about and I don't have to spend time thinking about what other platforms might be affected that way.
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