[lldb-dev] ProcessWindows plugin (allow Windows process debugging)

Colin Riley colin at codeplay.com
Fri Apr 18 08:47:10 PDT 2014

Hey Virgile,

I gave this a go and it's working with simple gcc-cygwin compiled 
executables, nice!

I went to try and integrate some early PDB loading work I did into it 
(it goes via DIA), but sadly looks like my home machine has decided PDBs 
are evil and, well, corrupted my local repo! It was some time ago I 
looked at it (at least November last year). I'll probably have a look at 
seeing if that can work again, at least symbol information would be a 
great start. I think I'd only got as far as symbols anyway.

Again, nice work! Need to work together at getting this back to trunk.


On 09/04/2014 14:11, Andrew MacPherson wrote:
> That sounds great, thanks Virgile! I may not get a chance until early 
> week but I will definitely try this out to see where it's at. Nice work!
> On Tue, Apr 8, 2014 at 5:05 PM, Virgile Bello <virgile.bello at gmail.com 
> <mailto:virgile.bello at gmail.com>> wrote:
>     Sorry, took me some time to get around it, but I have finally took
>     the time to:
>     - Commit as many trivial changes as possible into LLDB trunk.
>     - Update my code to latest LLDB changes.
>     - Rearrange the rest and put them on github for review and accept
>     external help/contributions.
>     https://github.com/xen2/lldb
>     Feel free to contact me if you want commit access!
>     (Andrew, I added you as collaborator)
>     Some of the commits that affects LLDB might need review and be
>     delayed, but the main commit that adds ProcessWindows should
>     probably be merged soon to avoid divergence and make contributions
>     easier.
>     On 19 February 2014 16:54, Andrew MacPherson
>     <andrew.macp at gmail.com <mailto:andrew.macp at gmail.com>> wrote:
>         That sounds great, just let me know when you feel the repo is
>         in a good state and I'll take another look. My preference is
>         github (username andrewmacp) but I'm open if you prefer
>         something else. Talk soon!
>         On Tue, Feb 18, 2014 at 5:39 PM, Virgile Bello
>         <virgile.bello at gmail.com <mailto:virgile.bello at gmail.com>> wrote:
>             Hello,
>             Sure, that would be great to combine effort! Quite happy
>             people are willing to join, it's quite a huge task. And
>             your goal being little bit different is good to have more
>             test cases and features.
>             I'm quite open about how to coordinate. On my side, I
>             think I just need a few days to clean up and rearrange
>             commits little bit more before starting a proper branch,
>             then we could start to work from that?
>             Where would you prefer to work? SVN? Github?
>             Actually I have never tried lldb.exe directly, I use it as
>             a library, so I didn't really expect it to work -- good to
>             know process control was OK at least!
>             Also, some scenarios that used to work for me 6 months ago
>             don't work anymore now, so that might be related as well.
>             I'll try to fix those regressions quickly so that your
>             work doesn't bump into them.
>             On 18 February 2014 21:51, Andrew MacPherson
>             <andrew.macp at gmail.com <mailto:andrew.macp at gmail.com>> wrote:
>                 Hi Virgile,
>                 This looks great! We had recently started on our own
>                 Windows Process plugin implementation, porting code we
>                 had used in a simple custom debugger to LLDB, however
>                 I think it would make sense to combine our efforts. I
>                 would be happy to help stabilize what you have so far,
>                 I built locally from your repo and much of the process
>                 control works great though I haven't had any luck
>                 getting debug info in stack traces in a few simple
>                 apps built with gcc (-gdwarf-2) or with clang using
>                 lldb.exe yet.
>                 What we're aiming for is slightly different than you,
>                 we're mostly interested in the ability to parse
>                 ELF/Dwarf debug info from code produced by MCJIT since
>                 the bulk of our software currently needs to be
>                 compiled with MSVC. This relies on a JIT support patch
>                 (currently for Linux) which hasn't yet been submitted
>                 upstream, though your work here is probably the push
>                 required for me to get that done.
>                 I will take a pass through some samples on this end
>                 and take note of any issues I come across and then
>                 start looking into them. Let me know how you would
>                 like to coordinate work here (assuming you would like
>                 to coordinate) and we can go from there.
>                 Nice work!
>                 Andrew
>                 On Mon, Feb 17, 2014 at 4:27 PM, Virgile Bello
>                 <virgile.bello at gmail.com
>                 <mailto:virgile.bello at gmail.com>> wrote:
>                     Hello,
>                     6 months ago I worked on LLDB to add Windows
>                     process debugging support.
>                     I had to put this project little bit aside for a
>                     little bit. Now that I have some more time to
>                     focus on that project again, I wanted to share
>                     what I have been doing so far, and hopefully as it
>                     gets more mature it would be great to have it
>                     merged in trunk later.
>                     So far I pushed most of my changes on github:
>                     https://github.com/xen2/lldb/commits/msvc12
>                     The most important commit is probably "Added
>                     ProcessWindows and DynamicLoaderWindows plugins.".
>                     Some of the commits might be only temporary
>                     (needed for debugging to work). Some others
>                     commits are trivial/minor and could probably be
>                     cherry-picked immediately in trunk.
>                     It is far from being ready to be merged yet
>                     (unpolished commits, lot of file rearrange/rename,
>                     code sharing, cleanup and comments to do here and
>                     there).
>                     Also, at the time (might have been fixed yet), I
>                     used Linux implementation as a guideline but
>                     noticed it didn't seem to work for multithreading
>                     (StopInfo mixing up each other). As a result I had
>                     to change some stuff to have multithreading
>                     working. That might be something that could be
>                     interesting to have back on Linux as well.
>                     Status: I am now able to use LLDB as a library to
>                     actually debug real windows processes (including
>                     stack traces, variables, multithreading, etc...)
>                     on simple executables (compiled with either gcc
>                     with -gdwarf-2, or clang).
>                     Note: I might force push the branch msvc12 on
>                     github since I want to rewrite some commits and
>                     rebase. If people are interested in helping,
>                     please let me know and I would stop doing that.
>                     Hope it will help starting the effort to have a
>                     full debugging support on Windows!
>                     Thanks
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