[lldb-dev] Command Aliases

Michael Sartain mikesart at gmail.com
Tue Oct 22 17:53:36 PDT 2013

I'd really like to add aliases for the following commands from gdb:

info b[reak]                  ; breakpoint list
info ar[gs]                   ; frame variable
info lo[cals]                 ; frame variable --no-args
info r[egisters]              ; info registers
info al[l-registers]          ; info all-registers $rax $rcx
info all-registers rax rsp    ; register read rax rsp
info sh[ared]                 ; image list
info sy[mbol] 0x1234          ; image lookup --address 0x1234

These all have spaces in them, which I believe means they won't work with
the existing alias system. Would it make the most sense to add a new
"CommandObjectMultiwordInfo" object in the Command Interpreter and break
all the info stuff out there, or is it feasible to add the ability to
recognize multiword aliases so something like this would work:

    command alias "info break" breakpoint list

Also, it appears that command regex commands don't show up in help -a. See
example down below. Is this expected behavior?

(lldb) help command regex
    (lldb) command regex f s/^$/finish/ 's/([0-9]+)/frame select %1/'
(lldb) command regex f s/^$/finish/ 's/([0-9]+)/frame select %1/'
(lldb) help -a
expression        -- Evaluate a C/ObjC/C++ expression in the current
program context, using user defined variables and variables currently in
f                 --
frame             -- A set of commands for operating on the current
thread's frames.
(lldb) help f
     This command takes 'raw' input (no need to quote stuff).

Syntax: f

'f' is an abbreviation for 'f'
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