[lldb-dev] Linux Build Errors w/ LLDB

Ed Maste emaste at freebsd.org
Tue Oct 15 17:57:26 PDT 2013

On 15 October 2013 18:38, Mike Sartain <mikesart at valvesoftware.com> wrote:
>> With that said, I am not sure what the other problem is, a GCC bug maybe?
> I'm using Clang 3.3, but this looks like it might be a bug with libstdc++
> 4.6 (see bottom entry on this page):
> http://stackoverflow.com/questions/15747223/why-does-this-basic-thread-program-fail-with-clang-but-pass-in-g
> Drat. If this is the case, it's going to cause a lot of people on Ubuntu
> 12.04 some pain.
> In any case, I've reverted back to r192702 for now and am working from there
> - so I'm not blocked at the moment. Not able to sync really either though.
> :)
> I'm also behind a firewall here at Valve so I can't check to see what the
> Linux buildbot is doing - I'm guessing it's broken as well?

Yes - the Linux and FreeBSD buildbots are both failing the same way.
PlatformWindows.cpp:114:18: error: redefinition of 'Initialize'

I don't see the problem with the stock FreeBSD 10 toolchain on my
laptop, with clang and libc++.

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