[lldb-dev] Weird host vs process combi in lldb / gdb server combi

Carlo Kok ck at remobjects.com
Mon Oct 14 07:04:02 PDT 2013

When connecting to an iPad mini (that doesn't support armv7s) I get 
these process vs host results:

Process: armv7s-apple-ios
Host: armv7f-apple-ios

now I might have misunderstood what the gdb process info is supposed to 
to but I thought host is what the device itself runs, and process is the 
'cpu type' of the process.

  remote_process_arch {m_triple={Data="armv7s-apple-ios" Arch=arm (1) 
Vendor=Apple (1) ...} m_core=eCore_arm_armv7s (9) m_byte_order=...}

  remote_host_arch {m_triple={Data="armv7f-apple-ios" Arch=arm (1) 
Vendor=Apple (1) ...} m_core=eCore_arm_armv7f (8) m_byte_order=...}

Am I wrong in this, or what's going on here?

Carlo Kok
RemObjects Software

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