[lldb-dev] How to set argument -Xxm100M for an executable?

Yin Ma yin at affinic.com
Mon Oct 7 16:03:03 PDT 2013

Hi Enrico,


Since there is no way to work around –Xxm100M problem, I know we can define 

our own command. I am wondering if it is possible to expend set command in llvm 

by importing a python file, like set args  xxx, it will call my python function

to use API to do the job? If yes, could you provide me a simple example about how

to do this?






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On Oct 7, 2013, at 2:27 PM, Yin Ma <yin at affinic.com> wrote:



To set up a run argument, based on the document, it should be

Settings set target.run-args  , like gdb set args


However, no matter how, I cannot set my argument to –Xxm100M

I tried

Settings set target.run-args –Xxm100M

Lldb: invalid option – X


I also tried

Settings set target.run-args “-Xxm100M”

Doesn’t work.



Unfortunately you seem to be right. The only way I have been able to make this work is by saying:

(lldb) sett set target.run-args -- --Xxm100M

(lldb) r

Process 5112 launched: '/private/tmp/args' (x86_64)

argv[0] = args

argv[1] = --

argv[2] = --Xxm100M


but as you can see, this causes a spurious - - (double dash) to be passed down to your inferior process

Seems worth of a bugzilla to me. With that said, while I have not tried it, I am kinda optimistic that SBLaunchInfo (the API class) would not be subject to the same bug, since this is more of a command-line issue than anything

Could somebody let me know how to correctly set an argument.


On gdb, if we run

Set args

This means no argument

However, under lldb

Settings set target.run-args

It will report an error


Is this a good behavior?



In LLDB, you would say 

(lldb) sett set target.run-args ""


Since our settings set command is meant to set any kind of setting, it makes sense that we ask for an argument. If we were to allow setting set <foo> <end of command>, we would probably need a way to know which is the “default value” for any specific setting. Feel free to file an ER bugzilla for that too





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