[lldb-dev] lldb build warnings

Mike Sartain mikesart at valvesoftware.com
Wed Jun 12 14:11:15 PDT 2013

> Do you need to disable these warnings when building with clang 3.4?  The short list of remaining warnings that you quoted is more consistent with the clang 3.4 buildbot runs.  Example:
> http://lab.llvm.org:8011/builders/lldb-x86_64-debian-clang/builds/4094/steps/compile/logs/warnings%20%286%29

Building with clang 3.4 produces the same warnings as 3.2 - which is good because some of these seem quite legit. :) When I do a full clean build, I get ~100 warnings.

Is the buildbot only building modules that were recently changed? Is that why it doesn't see these warnings usually? I'm also building Debug...

In any case, I'll go through and fix these when I run across them. Just hate to get into that battle if others are busy adding more, but it seems like the eventual goal would be to narrow these down, so it's good.

Thanks much.
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