[lldb-dev] Patch to add API to read ELF ProgramHeader/Segment

Thirumurthi, Ashok ashok.thirumurthi at intel.com
Wed Jul 10 14:16:14 PDT 2013

Welcome back, Samuel, and thanks for the patch.  A few minor thoughts:

Consider testing id first so that parsing isn't required on the failure path.  Also, prefer nullptr over NULL throughout:
+    if (!ParseProgramHeaders() || !id)
+        return NULL;

Consider adding a failure patch if GetProgramHeaderByIndex returns nullptr:
+    const elf::ELFProgramHeader *segment_header = GetProgramHeaderByIndex(id);
+    return DataExtractor(m_data, segment_header->p_offset, segment_header->p_filesz);

Maybe avoid the cross-post also so we have just one thread for the review.  Cheers,

-        Ashok

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Subject: [lldb-dev] Patch to add API to read ELF ProgramHeader/Segment

The attached patch adds 3 new functions to ObjectFileELF which enables accessing ELF segment data possible.

Segment data is needed to support elf core files.

Please review and commit(if ok).

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