[lldb-dev] lldb built with self-hosted clang toolchain issues garbage output on quitting

Zack Perry zack.perry at sbcglobal.net
Sat Aug 17 16:52:48 PDT 2013

Hi Stefanus,

Thanks again for responding and these helpful pointers.  I retrieved 


and installed both with rpm -Uvhon a box running Scientific Linux 6.4 (a RHEL 6.4 compatible free rebuild).  Now, the lldb prompt shows up the 1st time, but then the 2nd time on, it doesn't. Entering a quitcaused both garbage output and a segfault. Fun 8-) 

The box also has a pure clang toolchain.  We are trying to get rid of dependency of libstdc++ completely.

I will try to use the latest lldb trunk to do another test.  Will follow-up.  IMHO lldb developers should do CI on RHEL compatibles too. They are used on many servers running in data centers.  


-- Zack
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