[lldb-dev] Anyone who has built lldb successfully on RHEL 6.x?

Zack Perry zack.perry at sbcglobal.net
Tue Aug 6 17:48:52 PDT 2013

Hi Dan,

Thanks for responding.  Regretably, using clang 3.3 to build lldb on RHEL 6.4 didn't work out. I said so explicitly in my original post, extracted below for reference:

After reading the page: http://lldb.llvm.org/build.html, I have been trying to build lldb with the following two approaches:

(I) using llvm/clang 3.3 together with libc++/libc++abi so the build is free of libstdc++:

This is what I used to configure the build:

../llvm/configure --prefix=/usr --enable-optimized --disable-assertions --enable-targets=host-only --enable-cxx11=yes --enable-libcpp=yes --with-extra-ld-options="-lc++abi"

The resulting Release/bin/lldb crashes even for simple things like help x-(

Yes. I did build and use libc++ 3.3 as well.

-- Zack

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On Linux, a newer GCC will be helpful; I have been able to build with gcc
4.6 and newer. Alternatively, if you can build clang by itself, you should
be able to use clang to build lldb assuming you have a more recent
standard library.

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