[lldb-dev] breakpoint command

Michael Sartain mikesart at valvesoftware.com
Thu Aug 1 16:33:00 PDT 2013

On Tue, Jul 30, 2013 at 12:55 PM, Thirumurthi, Ashok <
ashok.thirumurthi at intel.com> wrote:

>  **Ø  **It's tough to tell what happens with lldb & gcc 4.8 because
> something else is broken there - I think lldb has trouble with dwarf4.****
> ** **
> FYI Mike, Daniel and I took care of most of the common DWARF4 issues this
> week.  So, hopefully you can get a clearer picture on the way forward with
> the prologue.****
> ** **
> Specifically, we are looking at tests that are okay with –gdwarf-2 but
> fail with -3 or -4.  Cheers,

This looks good so far Ashok. It's working with all the simple tests I had
that were failing before. I tried to push it a bit and debug a protobuf
sample and it crashed, but it turns out this is also happening with 4.6 &
dwarf 2. I'll holler if I find anything dwarf 3 or 4 specific.

Thanks much.
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