[lldb-dev] Locking issues

Enrico Granata egranata at apple.com
Thu Apr 18 19:44:42 PDT 2013

Just a quick note on this.
It is still feasible to build LLDB without Python. You just won’t get the feature of OS plugins (which are not mandatory - there is one included as an example in examples/python)
It is much like Python data formatters - you build without Python, you don’t get them, but the rest of LLDB still works fine.

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On Apr 18, 2013, at 7:17 PM, "Malea, Daniel" <daniel.malea at intel.com> wrote:

> Also, not that it's
> important to us, but does this also mean that building a working LLDB
> without Python support is no longer an option?

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