[lldb-dev] SBType/SBValue determine kind

Carlo Kok ck at remobjects.com
Tue Oct 16 11:58:22 PDT 2012

Op 16-10-2012 18:53, Greg Clayton schreef:
> Yes, that was a funny typo bug that I didn't catch where I had:
> switch (a)
> {
> case a1:
>      switch b(b)
>          case b1:
> 	base b2:
> }
> Not the missing {} on the second switch! After switching to a newer clang, we got the warning for unhandled switch statements and I fixed it asap.

nice one yeah. So after playing with debugging for a while I noticed 
it's very "clang" oriented. While I don't really mind that, is there a 
way to store more custom language specific information? (I have control 
over both generation & lldb api) For example I have an array type that 
from the LLDB api looks like a pointer to it's sub type. There's a 
"length" field before it, and from the LLDB side I Want to look at the 
"length" and use it to display the sub entries, but then I have to store 
& know it from both side.

Carlo Kok

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