[lldb-dev] porting lldb for a VLIW architecture

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Mon Aug 27 02:39:51 PDT 2012


I am to port lldb for a VLIW architecture. I am entirely new to lldb. But
have some experience in porting gdb for the same architecture.

Somemore insight on my problem of porting lldb for the VLIW architecture.
The lldb is to connect the (VLIW architecture) simulator remotely. Both the
lldb and the simulator are to run on the linux machine. (the host machine
is the linux machine - Ubuntu).

The simulator already has the RSP server support with it (which already
worked well with my 'gdb port for this architecture'). Now I want lldb in
place of gdb.

On searching for a starting point on lldb port, I found very few references
in the form of few mails at lldb-dev mailing list.


With this I got the below understanding on my lldb porting tasks to that
VLIW architecture.

1. To port lldb for the VLIW architecture, it is must to have the llvm
ported to that VLIW architecture. This is because lldb uses few modules of
llvm for some functionalities such as expressions evaluation, disassembling.

2. With llvm ported for the VLIW architecture, in my case following are the
lldb modules I have to consider for porting:
    a. Platform plug-in
    b. ABI plug-in
    c. Process plug-in

3. Platform refers to the host OS on which the lldb runs. In my case I am
to run the lldb on linux platform. And since lldb has the support for linux
platform, I am not required to do anything on this.

Doubt: Under the Platform plug-in, I see there is a folder "gdb-server". I
don't understand the significance of this. Should I consider this for my

4. ABI refers to the target architecture description such as the register
information, call frame information etc. So I have to create a class for my
VLIW architecture (which is a sub-class of lldb_private::ABI).

5. Process refers to the module that connects lldb to the remote module.
lldb has gdb-remote already supported. And hence I am not required to do
anything on this.

Can someone help me to go further on this?

Thanks and regards,
Chandra Kumar R.
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