[lldb-dev] Getting valid frames and odd plugin selection behaviour

arvid.picciani at nokia.com arvid.picciani at nokia.com
Tue Oct 5 03:11:13 PDT 2010

>  I just added a SBFrame::GetSymbol() for you. With the newly added GetSymbol you should get something valid:

thanks! That is indeed valid.

> This shouldn't be happening. If you get a crash backtrace, please send it to me along with the program and exact steps you were using.

will do! For now i hardcoded the macosx plugin, which appears to work.

> The "process.macosx" plug-in has bit rotted as we exclusively use the gdb-remote plug-in on darwin 
> so we can sandbox the process in another process and it also helps us be ready for remote debugging.

Well, i don't see how to choose the plugin from the public API. Also per default, there is no gdb running.

> So the first debugger plug-in to return true to CanDebug wins.

Can the gdb plugin read memory from the inferior, without starting it itself? Attach-on-demand? 
Otherwise why would CanDebug return true?

> No, we are using an auto_ptr to hold onto the instance,

aah, thanks.

> Let me know if the above information helped explain why you weren't seeing what you thought you would?

Yes indeed, thanks alot. I understand now, that the unwinder is not at fault. Looks like it fails somewhere in 
Module::ResolveSymbolContextForAddress. resolved_flags is 2.
Gdb can print locals fine for that same binary. Will dig deeper and report back when i found something.

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