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Bobby Powers bobbypowers at gmail.com
Thu Jun 10 13:11:47 PDT 2010

On Thu, Jun 10, 2010 at 10:47 AM, Caroline Tice <ctice at apple.com> wrote:
> When built for Mac OS X,  lldb builds as a "framework" which means it has
> directory tree in which
> various necessary additional resources can be put.    In order to get the
> embedded Python scripting
> stuff working, we have been putting the .py and .so files that in needs
> a Resources subdirectory of
> the lldb.framework.
> I'm trying to rewrite the build scripts to be OS-agnostic (or at least to
> work ok on Linux).  I am pretty sure
> a Linux-built lldb will not be a "framework", and I now have no idea where
> should put the associated .py
> and .so files for lldb.  I would appreciate suggestions/help from someone
> more familiar with how this kind
> of stuff should work on Linux.

I'm a little rusty, but I think you want something like the following for
the python files (.py and .so):

export MODULE_NAME=lldb
# target a specific version
export PY_VERSION=2.6
# -or-
#export PY_VERSION=`python -c "import platform; print
platform.python_version().rsplit('.', 1)[0]"`

# install into:
mkdir -p $(python$PY_VERSION-config

I know autotools has macros for this, and it may be different for Fedora/Red
Hat machines.  But, this should most likely be passed in from the build
system (as Eli says)


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