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Author: stefan.graenitz
Date: Thu Aug  1 03:33:54 2019
New Revision: 367539

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[lldb][docs] Update landing page for monorepo

Summary: Following up from D65330, here's an update for the landing page.

Reviewers: jryans, clayborg, amccarth, labath

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@@ -80,27 +80,31 @@ expected to work, with functionality imp
 Get Involved
-To check out the code, use:
+Check out the LLVM source-tree with git and find the sources in the `lldb`
-svn co http://llvm.org/svn/llvm-project/lldb/trunk lldb
-Note that LLDB generally builds from top-of-trunk
+  > git clone https://github.com/llvm/llvm-project.git
-* On macOS with Xcode
-* On Linux and FreeBSD (with clang and libstdc++/libc++)
-* On NetBSD (with GCC and clang and libstdc++/libc++)
-* On Windows with VS 2012 or higher using CMake
+Note that LLDB generally builds from top-of-trunk using CMake and Ninja.
+Additionally it builds:
-See the LLDB Build Page for platform-specific build instructions.
+* on macOS with a :ref:`generated Xcode project <CMakeGeneratedXcodeProject>`
+* on Linux and FreeBSD with clang and libstdc++/libc++
+* on NetBSD with GCC/clang and libstdc++/libc++
+* on Windows with a generated project for VS 2017 or higher
+See the :doc:`LLDB Build Page <resources/build>` for build instructions.
 Discussions about LLDB should go to the `lldb-dev
 <http://lists.llvm.org/mailman/listinfo/lldb-dev>`__ mailing list. Commit
-messages for the lldb SVN module are automatically sent to the `lldb-commits
+messages are automatically sent to the `lldb-commits
 <http://lists.llvm.org/mailman/listinfo/lldb-commits>`__ mailing list , and
 this is also the preferred mailing list for patch submissions.
-See the Projects page if you are looking for some interesting areas to
-contribute to lldb.
+See the :doc:`Projects page <status/projects>` if you are looking for some
+interesting areas to contribute to lldb.
 .. toctree::

Modified: lldb/trunk/docs/resources/build.rst
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--- lldb/trunk/docs/resources/build.rst (original)
+++ lldb/trunk/docs/resources/build.rst Thu Aug  1 03:33:54 2019
@@ -306,6 +306,8 @@ LLVM <http://llvm.org/docs/BuildingADist
   > DESTDIR=/path/to/lldb-install ninja -C /path/to/lldb-build check-lldb install-distribution
+.. _CMakeGeneratedXcodeProject:
 Build LLDB standalone for development with Xcode:

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