[Lldb-commits] [PATCH] D63667: Support __kernel_rt_sigreturn in frame initialization

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Mon Jul 15 14:29:23 PDT 2019

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ping @jasonmolenda -- do the updates look like what you had in mind when you said " It'd be a good change to capture that information from the eh_frame though, even if we don't see a clear way to use it right now"?

Also /cc @clayborg (thanks for the reply on the Dev alias!).  I think your suggestion to communicate the info to a new behaves_like_zero flag on lldb_private::StackFrame (presumably communicated via GetFrameInfoAtIndex) would help for then fixing StackFrame::GetSymbolContext to find the right symbol for these frames.  I'm inclined to think that would make the most sense as a follow-up change, but lmk if you have thoughts.

I'm also curious what else needs to happen to be ready to merge this.  I've tested on Ubuntu and Darwin and now Fedora, but not sure what other platforms might have similar holes that this test would then immediately fail on.  If I add the changes to connect the 'S' in the augmentation all the way to StackFrame::GetSymbolContext, then at least I could make sure the test log in the error case would include the name of the function missing from the trap handler symbol list, but I don't know if that's sufficiently motivating to roll that into this PR or if it's preferable to keep it small...  happy for feedback.

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