[Lldb-commits] [PATCH] D61737: [lldb] add -ex CLI option as alias to --one-line

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Fri May 10 00:45:07 PDT 2019

echristo added a comment.

In D61737#1497202 <https://reviews.llvm.org/D61737#1497202>, @jingham wrote:

> I would rather not clutter up the lldb command driver's options with gdb command flags.  That seems like it will make lldb harder to figure out and reduce our freedom to choose reasonable short names for lldb driver options.
> It was reasonable to add lldb aliases for the gdb commands that you use tens to hundreds of times in a give debugging session - those get wired into your hands...  But I don't think the same consideration holds for command line options...
> If we feel the need to add a driver gdb compatibility mode like this, I like Rafael's suggestion of:
> lldb --gdb <everything after this is handled by our gdb emulation parser>

Peanut gallery comments :)

Since I've had to deal with some of this from the gnu binutils direction as well. I think if we really want to have a command-line compatibility mode with lldb we should just have a gdb wrapper/shell/parsed option on top of the lldb libraries/binary. Some of this would necessitate better library splitting of lldb to really have a gdb compatible shell on top but it could be done. This isn't quite how we've done it so far in llvm's binutils, but as an aspirational strategy I think we can and should make it work in general. It'll also help drive much cleaner APIs as well since we'll have to implement a few things from different perspectives.


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