[Lldb-commits] [PATCH] D61611: [JITLoaderGDB] Set eTypeJIT for objects read from JIT descriptors

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Thu May 9 11:06:44 PDT 2019

probinson added a comment.

In D61611#1496865 <https://reviews.llvm.org/D61611#1496865>, @stella.stamenova wrote:

> In D61611#1496838 <https://reviews.llvm.org/D61611#1496838>, @probinson wrote:
> > @stella.stamenova I'm not familiar with any lit feature that gives a special meaning to the prefix "no".  The opposite of "REQUIRES: windows" is not "REQUIRES: nowindows" but "UNSUPPORTED: windows" AFAIK.
> >  This part of the discussion should probably be taken to llvm-dev, though.
> >
> > FTR I don't see that lldb's lit.cfg.py sets any features based on host OS, so even "UNSUPPORTED: windows" probably does not work currently.
> @probinson LLDB's lit configuration derives from the lit configuration in LLVM. The most important file you are looking for is:
> `llvm\utils\lit\lit\llvm\config.py`
> You can see there that we add various platform to the list of available features including system-windows, so XFAIL: system-windows, UNSUPPORTED: system-windows, etc. all work.
> This is also where binary_features are set, such as 'zlib/nozlib', 'asan/not_asan' etc. The prefix varies for historical reasons, but the paradigm has existed for a long time. If we wanted to support nosystem-windows, we would add it here.

Thanks @stella.stamenova I did find that.  But I agree with Pavel, we are better off not having "nofoo" or "not_foo" features, because we can get the same effect using UNSUPPORTED: and it can mislead people into thinking the no/not_ prefix applies generally, and things like "REQUIRES: nowindows" will unexpectedly disable a test everywhere.

I am going to propose eliminating the negative keywords on llvm-dev.




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