[Lldb-commits] [PATCH] D61611: [JITLoaderGDB] Set eTypeJIT for objects read from JIT descriptors

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Thu May 9 05:20:04 PDT 2019

labath added a comment.

Thanks for adding the test. It looks like it was much easier than I feared. I do wonder if the test couldn't be made to run on more platforms. It sounds like it is generic enough for that, and given that this is our first and only jit test, it would be great if that were the case.

Comment at: lldb/lit/Breakpoint/jitbp_elf.test:1
+# REQUIRES: target-x86_64, system-linux, native
sgraenitz wrote:
> The test only works with ELF on Linux. Is the `REQUIRES` sufficient?
Yes, but what is the reason for that? It looks like the test is generic enough that it should run on any system where lli is able to jit code. In particular I'd expect this to also work on macOS if you set `plugin-jit-loader.gdb.enable` to `on`.

Comment at: lldb/lit/Breakpoint/jitbp_elf.test:3
+# RUN: %clang -g -S -emit-llvm -o %t.ll %p/Inputs/jitbp.cpp
+# RUN: %lldb -b -o 'b jitbp' -o 'run -jit-kind=mcjit %t.ll' lli | FileCheck %s
sgraenitz wrote:
> With these args, clang shouldn't optimize away `jitbp()`
Is that a question? If it is I'm pretty sure the answer is "it shouldn't", because a lot of our tests depend on -O0 not doing anything funny.

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