[Lldb-commits] [PATCH] D53375: [PDB] Improve performance of the PDB DIA plugin

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This patch improves performance of `SymbolFilePDB` on huge executables in two ways:

- cache names of public symbols by address. When creating variables we are trying to get a mangled name for each one, and in `GetMangledForPDBData` we are enumerating all public symbols, which takes O(n) for each variable. With the cache we can retrieve a mangled name in O(log(n));

- cache section contributions. When parsing variables for context we are enumerating all variables and check if the current one is belonging to the current compiland. So we are retrieving a compiland ID for the variable. But in `PDBSymbolData::getCompilandId` for almost every variable we are enumerating all section contributions to check if the variable is belonging to it, and get a compiland ID from the section contribution if so. It takes O(n) for each variable, but with caching it takes about O(log(n)). I've placed the cache in `SymbolFilePDB` and have created `GetCompilandId` there. It actually duplicates `PDBSymbolData::getCompilandId` except for the cache part. Another option is to support caching in `PDBSymbolData::getCompilandId` and to place cache in `DIASession`, but it seems that the last one doesn't imply such functionality, because it's a lightweight wrapper over DIA and whole its state is only a COM pointer to the DIA session. Moreover, `PDBSymbolData::getCompilandId` is used only inside of `SymbolFilePDB`, so I think that it's not a bad place to do such things. With this patch `PDBSymbolData::getCompilandId` is not used at all.

This bottlenecks were found with profiling. I've discovered these on a simple demo project of Unreal Engine (x86 executable ~72M, PDB ~82M).

This patch doesn't change external behavior of the plugin, so I think that there's no need for additional testing (already existing tests should warn us about regress, if any).




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