[Lldb-commits] [PATCH] D48060: Introduce lldb-framework CMake target and centralize its logic

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Mon Jun 11 19:28:07 PDT 2018

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Currently, the liblldb target is treated as the entire framework when
building LLDB.framework with CMake, and treated only as the actual liblldb
library otherwise. In this patch I aim to at least partially accomplish 2 things:

1. Create a lldb-framework target that acts as the target that handles

generating LLDB.framework. This should make the purpose of the liblldb target
the same, framework or not.

2. Centralize framework generation as much as it makes sense to do so.

I say "partially accomplish" because there are still parts of CMake that treats
liblldb as the framework, and parts of CMake where we can greatly simplify code
with an lldb-framework target.
I am still working out how I think those should best be handled. I uploaded this
patch because I want to get feedback on what I currently have. I also think this
is a relatively self-contained change, because the build produces the same thing
with and without this change (based on examining the build trees of both).



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