[Lldb-commits] [PATCH] D47147: DWARFIndex: Reduce duplication in the GetFunctions methods

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Mon May 21 09:27:45 PDT 2018

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This extracts the common bits out of the two implementations back into
the SymbolFileDWARF class. The goal was to make the function as similar
as possible to the other DWARFIndex methods (i.e, to restrict the work
of the index classes to DIE offset manipulation only, and leave the
offset interpretation to the caller).

To achieve this, i've split the function into three functions, for
looking up:

- full names
- objc methods
- methods and functions

The first two are trivial, and they just extract DIE offsets into an
array. The last one needed a slightly more complex interface, because of
the differences in how the two indexes operate -- manual index is able
to differentiate between methods and non-methods, while the apple table
is not. For this reason, the function returns three offset arrays
instead of just one. The first two are for DIEs which we know are/are
not methods, and the third one is for those we are unsure. In this case,
the caller needs to do extra work to tell them apart.



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