[Lldb-commits] [PATCH] D30454: [LLDB][MIPS] Check if memory_info.GetName() is empty before finding corresponding module.

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Wed Mar 15 04:47:04 PDT 2017

nitesh.jain updated this revision to Diff 91855.
nitesh.jain retitled this revision from "[LLDB][MIPS] Regain Module Name if memory_info.GetName()  is empty" to "[LLDB][MIPS] Check if memory_info.GetName() is empty before finding corresponding module.".
nitesh.jain edited the summary of this revision.



Index: source/Core/DynamicLoader.cpp
--- source/Core/DynamicLoader.cpp
+++ source/Core/DynamicLoader.cpp
@@ -189,7 +189,8 @@
     MemoryRegionInfo memory_info;
     Error error = m_process->GetMemoryRegionInfo(base_addr, memory_info);
     if (error.Success() && memory_info.GetMapped() &&
-        memory_info.GetRange().GetRangeBase() == base_addr) {
+        memory_info.GetRange().GetRangeBase() == base_addr && 
+        !(memory_info.GetName().IsEmpty())) {
       ModuleSpec new_module_spec(
           FileSpec(memory_info.GetName().AsCString(), false),

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